• Sophisticated design
    and timeless innovation

    Makuti jewels blend all the elements which make the difference between any jewel and an exclusive creation: original design, careful selection of materials and impeccable manufacturing quality.

    Each set contains these features and reinvents them in innovative ways. The balance created is refined, tasteful and designed to leave you breathless.

    The Makuti creations come straight from the soul and from the pencil of the designer. They are inspired by the classical goldsmith's art and yet are capable of giving life to something unique and innovative. The reflections and transparencies of the stones make the jewels shine dynamically, following the movements of those who wear them. The focus of attention moves relentlessly, incapable of choosing the most sensual and luminous point.

    Each woman can reinterpret them in different situations, choosing the most suitable blend to her own personality. They do not force themselves on the attention but the light and harmony they emanate enchants.

    Makuti jewels provide strong, rare and mysterious emotions like the soul who wears them. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings all contain the beginning of a story full of charm and magic to be discovered and written about every day.

    A name that recalls distant lands and endless horizons, the immense sky and unique colours of Africa. A picture that has remained inside, the echo of the Zoppini family's trip to Kenya, where the word is used to describe the original design and stylistic harmony of the hut roofs. A timeless sound that unites tradition and technology, that expresses ancient yet current know-how linked to the earth and roots.
    All this makes Makuti much more than just a trademark: it is an inspiration that comes about from identity and history to give rise to new forms and emotions of style.

  • Inspiration
    from the heart

    move the designer's hands.

    Manuel Zoppini was born in 1974 with success in his blood. Style and refinement flow through his veins, together with a remarkable forward looking business sense.

    Manuel trained as a goldsmith at the 'Istituto Spinelli' goldsmith school, where he learned from one of the greatest goldsmiths, Luigi Chilleri. He first joined his brother Mauro Zoppini at Zoppini S.r.l. and then in MPF Group S.p.A., as Vice-President and designer in charge of production in both cases.

    As head of the Research and Design office, Manuel conducted enterprising research. He travelled a great deal and learned as much as he could wherever he went, thanks to meetings and wide-ranging cooperation. His natural inspiration was completed and enhanced by his taste for discovery: alternative materials, state of the art production techniques and new, special balances amidst the many sources of inspiration that lead to the creation of a high class jewel.

    2011 was the year in which Manuel Zoppini's career really took off. Despite the difficult economic scenario and despite remaining a partner in MPF, he founded Italian Luxury Group and now aims higher and higher.

    Enthusiasm, skill and commitment lead to defining specific objectives in order to respond as well as possible to the demands of meticulous, sophisticated customers, interpreting their deepest desires. creating fertile ground for more new ideas to cultivate in a free, dynamic space and to increase his talent without ever setting a final goal, pursuing a fascinating, ongoing research route.

    Creative intuitions come from innermost feelings. The Makuti collections, the perfect completion of Manuel's idea of jewellery, are made up of fluid and refined ideas, simple only on the surface for the look that strikes the soul and defines a unique style. The mastery of the Italian goldsmith's tradition is the only solid point in a journey of surprising and uninterrupted research which is continually fed by a need for innovation that is its true real lifeblood.

    Manuel Zoppini represents that rare, delightful meeting of youth, talent and experience: a mix that will surprise yet again.

  • Exclusive creations
    embellished with Italian quality

    Makuti jewels enclose the tradition and the mastery of Italian craft.

    After selecting the most beautiful and precious natural stones coming from the most important mines all over the globe, the whole production process takes place in Italy, more precisely in Tuscany, where everything talks of elegance and style. The materials are moulded by expert goldsmith hands, the keeper of every little secret of the processing.

    Makuti recognises the mastery of the Tuscan goldsmith's tradition and relies on it to enrich their own collections with a value with no equals in the world.